Our History


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No American city of its age has clustering around it more interesting associations than Lexington, Kentucky. Established in 1775, at the beginning of the Revolutionary War; built in almost boundless wilderness, nurtured through years of hardship and the Indian warfare surrounding it, Lexington played the most prominent part in the early days of settling the state of Kentucky.

During the War between the States our lodge records were burned in the streets by Union Troops. Around 1912 our lodge attempted to restore many of those records from external sources and today that effort continues. The information you will find within our website hold the keys to much of that early “lost” knowledge, snippets if you will, of what was going on in the life of our lodge, Lexington itself and much of the early frontier.

Lexington Lodge No. 1 was chartered in 1788 via a petition to the Grand Lodge of Virginia, which was approved and authorized the creation of the first Masonic Lodge in Kentucky, located in Lexington.