The Lyle Van Outer Masonic Library

Read More – You’ll Gain a Distinctive Advantage

In 2018, the Library Committee completed the restructuring of our lodge library.

In March 2018, we dedicated the library and honored Worshipful Brother Lyle Van Outer, Chair of the Library Committee, for his dedication and work in bringing the new library to fruition, by naming the room, The Lyle Van Outer Masonic Library.

Currently, the lodge has over 200 Masonic books, periodicals, journals, and papers available to you for your continued advancement of your Masonic knowledge. The publications range from vintage to contemporary writings and offer a vast range of perspectives, history of our fraternity and lodge, along with other resources.

A summary of some of the available books in our library may be accessed by clicking on the link below.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Masonic library. As part of our continued promotion of Masonic education at our lodge, we continue to advance the idea that reading more about our Craft will give you a distinct advantage in becoming the Freemason you wish to be.

Browse the Masonic books and summaries below.  For PDF viewing instructions see below.